International Students

University Christian Fellowship, affiliated with Chi Alpha, works together with a number of other International Students Ministries from other colleges and universities in the greater Miami area. We call ourselves We have combined our resources to offer you many services that we could not have offered if we were working individually.

We have approximately 20 host families in the Miami area that are available to assist you with some of your needs, including finding your way around Miami, having a place to stay when the dorms are closed during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, holding special seminars, Bible Studies, or just being a friend.

University Christian Fellowship is also an international ministry. International Students make up one fourth to one third of most Chi Alpha groups. We love meeting and getting to know people from all over the world. We know that International Students have special needs and we are committed to helping you meet them. We are here to help you!!! If you need help in any way email us at